Checks, Cash, or Money Order work, too...
All prices include shipping.
Please make them payable in US$ to:
Tony Heyman
3363 Somerset Ave.
Castro Valley, CA. 94546
My cell # is 510-677-5757 if you have a question.
Springs are:
$15US per set including shipping within the US, including Alaska
and Hawaii.
$30US per set everywhere else in the world, including Mexico,
Canada, UK, Australia, etc., again including shipping.
se the buttons directly below for orders to be
shipped for delivery in the US.
The 'd' stands for 'domestic.'
"Holy Cow! What a relief..the best dam $15 I've ever spent."
                                                             -- Jim Patrick, Michigan
"E-Z Pull Springs work better than wings"
Improving the Airhead experience for thousands of riders,
908 d
606 d
312 d

Shipped for delivery outside the US, including
Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, etc.
The 'o' stands for overseas.
908 o
606 o
312 o
Use THESE buttons  below for orders to be