The New
All the springs have about the same percentage reduction in tension. The wire is stainless steel.
Glad you made it!!
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The EZ Pull Spring
Designed and tested to reduce
the throttle effort on BMW Airhead
Motorcycles, or any other vehicle
equipped with the
Bing Model 64 or 94 CV
"Hey Tony, not sure how other guys put up with those stock carb springs, but I can't do without
the EZ Pulls, so I'm very happy to get another set before my Arizona trip..."
Jan Hoffman
We recently acquired quite a few Airhead parts, mostly '79 and on ...forks, headlights,
RS fairing parts, turn signals, etc. Got some of them left, listed on a Parts page. To
access that page
click here
This IS a performance enhancing part. Purchaser assumes all liability for death or injury
resulting from the lightened throttle action. Get used to them before you go romping about.